Going shopping?

Here are a few handy hints to help you make decisions you won’t regret! Continue reading


A bit about my style

girl_jumper-smallI decided to write about ‘Style’ rather than ‘Fashion’ because fashion is always changing and it can be a thankless task trying to keep up with it.

Style on the other hand is timeless.

Someone who knows how to dress themselves, how to make less seem like more and how to manage it all into an average sized wardrobe has by far the greater skill than someone who is always rushing out to buy whatever they saw in this month’s Vogue.

I was determined to compile the perfect wardrobe. Continue reading

Jack Vettriano Morning News

I absolutely adore this painting. From the moment I first saw it something about it engaged and absorbed me and I wanted to be living in the painting. I think. Or did I want to be the woman in the painting?

A woman who can spend her morning calmly reading the newspaper in a royal blue sundress, hair neatly tied back, white pearls in place while sipping her coffee in the sunshine is a creature of such perfection that she inspires awe and fascination in me.

So elegant, she epitomes Riviera chic. She makes me want to go and buy some white sunglasses just to emulate her, but I have to remind myself that I don’t have the deep tan of the lady in the painting, nor do I have her poise, posture or dreamy lifestyle. So I resisted the urge.

But I’d still like a canvas print of the painting. So I can occasionally look up at it and join her and her perfection in the Riviera.

Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart or as I like to call it (Avocado) Chocolate Cake

The Final Product

I’ve been meaning to make this cake ever since I discovered it on the River Cottage’s website along with some other inspiring and healthy raw food recipes.

It’s wheat, dairy and gluten free as well as being suitable for vegans – so it can be enjoyed by everybody!

It is the brainchild of Laura Coxeter who must be very clever indeed as this is quite the original recipe – avocado in a cake? Really?

It’s a chocolate torte but it’s made solely from very healthy ingredients including nuts, dates, avocado, coconut oil, pure cacao and agave syrup. There is no flour, butter or sugar. Continue reading

Ronde Solo de Cartier Watch

This classic watch is definitely on my Christmas list. I have been eyeing it for years. On account of budget related woes I have a Casio instead (that looks just like it) that I wear all the time.

I generally think it’s a good policy to try a cheap version of something to see if you like the style before you spend hundreds, or in this case even thousands, on it.

I actually wear the Casio more than any of my other (more expensive) watches as the white, black and gold combination is so easy to wear and goes with everything.

It’s comfortable, elegant and understated. Everything a watch should be.


An oil painting of Sitting Buddha that I bought from a street market in Hong Kong.

“Meditators showed a pronounced shift in activity to the left frontal lobe. In other words, they were calmer and happier than before.” – Psychology Today

I have decided to take up meditation. I’ve been aware of the health benefits for years (both physical and mental) and if Gisele and Miranda Kerr swear by it, it must have some seriously positive side effects.

It is, however, notoriously difficult to be a proficient meditator. To feel the benefits regular meditation, a little every day or at least three times a week, is required. Unless you are dedicated and consistent you may as well not bother. From what I hear. Continue reading

Best Alcoholic Beverage

The Kir Royale

Champagne and creme de cassis (a liqueur made from blackcurrants).

Both my parents have been drinking this for as long as I can remember. Never is there champagne in our house without a little splash of berry pink liqueur at the bottom to sweeten it and make it more beautiful.

So I suppose I just followed suit, and champagne by itself now seems like dinner without dessert. It’ll do the job but not as elegantly or as satisfyingly.

A bit bubbly, a bit sweet and a bit pink. What more could you ask for?

It’s well worth giving its cousin the Kir (white wine and creme de cassis) a try as well. This is just as yummy but a bit more casual (meaning you can have it everyday).

On a slightly different note The Vodka Soda. This is definitely my general drink of choice. It’s just vodka and fizzy water so you don’t become crazy and hyper after having seventeen of them at the pub (I have definitely suffered some sugar comedowns after having an orange juice or coca cola mixer all evening). It doesn’t have the bitterness and additives of tonic (even slimline) and it’s completely sugar free! 

Best Chocolates

Hotel Chocolat

The Chocolatiers Table Box by Hotel Chocolat

These choccies are delicious. Hotel Chocolat has lots of collections with a huge variety of flavours and many different types of chocolate.

Signature Collections in Dark and Milk Chocolate

They have signature dark and milk chocolate collections (I always have a stash of the dark on my coffee table), special boxes for summer (which tend to have frutier flavours and liqueurs) and slabs of solid chocolate which include my boyfriend’s particular favourite ‘The Eton Mess.’ This is a giant slab of strawberry and vanilla white chocolate with crushed chocolate cookies, crisp meringue and tangy strawberry pieces in it. I never get a look in. Continue reading

The Perfect Court Shoe

L.K. Bennett’s Shilo Shoe

“What?” I hear you fashionistas gasp in your Louboutins, “L.K. Bennett?”

Yes. At £170 a pair they look beautiful, are perfectly affordable and work for pretty much every occasion. I have two pairs of this classic patent leather court shoe by the UK high street store, one in black to wear with dark outfits and another in taupe to wear when I have lighter colours on, generally in summer.

I also have a pair of navy court shoes with a thicker heel (the Art shoe) which are even more comfortable so I tend to wear these if I know I’m going to be standing or walking (although I think this exact shoe may have been discontinued).

To complete my collection I have pair of their famous Maddox wedges in black patent leather (these were made famous when the now Duchess of Cambridge wore them the day after her wedding). They’re perfect for summer parties on the lawn or just with jeans or denim shorts to give a summer outfit a bit of a boost. They’re a little more expensive at £175 and never go on sale. Ever. Thanks a lot Kate. Continue reading