Best Chocolates

Hotel Chocolat

The Chocolatiers Table Box by Hotel Chocolat

These choccies are delicious. Hotel Chocolat has lots of collections with a huge variety of flavours and many different types of chocolate.

Signature Collections in Dark and Milk Chocolate

They have signature dark and milk chocolate collections (I always have a stash of the dark on my coffee table), special boxes for summer (which tend to have frutier flavours and liqueurs) and slabs of solid chocolate which include my boyfriend’s particular favourite ‘The Eton Mess.’ This is a giant slab of strawberry and vanilla white chocolate with crushed chocolate cookies, crisp meringue and tangy strawberry pieces in it. I never get a look in.

The Summer Collection from Hotel Chocolat

Mississippi Mud Pie Giant Slab

Their Christmas collection has chocolates like Gingerbread and Tawny Port Truffles, Salted Soft Caramel and Mulled Wine chocolates which are rich and decadent. And there’s something for everyone in their more general mixed collections.

Hotel Chocolat H-Box Classic CHRISTMAS Selection

They’re pretty reasonably priced at £11 for a medium sized box or £22 for a huge one, particularly if you compare them to chocolate gods Godiva or Leonidas, and they’re available from John Lewis. Easy!

So if you haven’t tried them yet, you are definitely in for a treat.

They’re an English company so it’s especially nice for us Brits (or anyone else who wants to) to support them.

The Sleekster Everything Collection

Check out all the goodies they have to offer here.

Happy scoffing!


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