Jack Vettriano Morning News

I absolutely adore this painting. From the moment I first saw it something about it engaged and absorbed me and I wanted to be living in the painting. I think. Or did I want to be the woman in the painting?

A woman who can spend her morning calmly reading the newspaper in a royal blue sundress, hair neatly tied back, white pearls in place while sipping her coffee in the sunshine is a creature of such perfection that she inspires awe and fascination in me.

So elegant, she epitomes Riviera chic. She makes me want to go and buy some white sunglasses just to emulate her, but I have to remind myself that I don’t have the deep tan of the lady in the painting, nor do I have her poise, posture or dreamy lifestyle. So I resisted the urge.

But I’d still like a canvas print of the painting. So I can occasionally look up at it and join her and her perfection in the Riviera.


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