Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart or as I like to call it (Avocado) Chocolate Cake

The Final Product

I’ve been meaning to make this cake ever since I discovered it on the River Cottage’s website along with some other inspiring and healthy raw food recipes.

It’s wheat, dairy and gluten free as well as being suitable for vegans – so it can be enjoyed by everybody!

It is the brainchild of Laura Coxeter who must be very clever indeed as this is quite the original recipe – avocado in a cake? Really?

It’s a chocolate torte but it’s made solely from very healthy ingredients including nuts, dates, avocado, coconut oil, pure cacao and agave syrup. There is no flour, butter or sugar.

It was fairly easy to find all the ingredients although I did have to go to Holland & Barrett for the pink Himalayan salt as no one in Waitrose had ever heard of it. I did however pick up Willy’s Cacao from Waitrose and spent more on pecans than I probably should have…

The Base

In some ways it was very easy to make (much easier than your average cake)  and in others it was a bit of a pain. Firstly the recipe advises that you soak the pecans for 6 hours. So I had to do a bit here and there over two days.

I wasn’t sure how to soak nuts so I hazarded a guess and just put them in a bowl of water and covered them with a clean cloth.

After the six hours I threw the pecans, dates and salt into the blender, then pressed the mixture into the base of a cake tin. I put it in the freezer and left it overnight.

The mixture pre cacao eg congealed green gunge

The following day I put the avocados, coconut oil, agave syrup, melted cacao and fresh vanilla into a big bowl and whizzed them together. Before the cacao went in my cake looked rather like congealed green gunge which was off-putting. I also struggled to get the avocado completely smooth, I kept noticing a blob here and a blob there. But I persevered.

I put the mixture on top of my (now quite solid) base and back in the freezer for an hour.

Melted Cacao

I thought it would be too bitter when I put it in the freezer, but it wasn’t at all. It was smooth and creamy and delicious. It’s almost impossible to believe that there’s no cream or sugar when you’re eating it. My sister swore she could taste coconut and my boyfriend said he could taste the avocado, but I think they were imagining it. They certainly enjoyed it.

You could adjust the cake slightly by using almonds instead of pecans for the base. I also wouldn’t bother soaking the pecans again, I think it’s nicer to have a slight crunchy bite to the base.

You could also use coconut blossom sugar instead of agave, I’ve never tried this so it’s possible it could be sweeter.

The cacao you use will also affect the taste – mine was a particularly bitter kind I think (and quite old), so when I make it again I’ll use a slightly sweeter cacao (Willy’s Cacao with caramel notes is milder and sweeter) which might make it even better.

Overall, it was easy but a bit fussy with the soaking (really don’t bother) and freezing and waiting. But definitely tasty and quite original. With none of the guilt. In fact it’s really rather virtuous as it’s all raw with very healthy ingredients. And for real chocolate lovers it’s absolutely divine!

The recipe can be found here.

Happy baking! (or freezing)


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