A bit about my style

girl_jumper-smallI decided to write about ‘Style’ rather than ‘Fashion’ because fashion is always changing and it can be a thankless task trying to keep up with it.

Style on the other hand is timeless.

Someone who knows how to dress themselves, how to make less seem like more and how to manage it all into an average sized wardrobe has by far the greater skill than someone who is always rushing out to buy whatever they saw in this month’s Vogue.

I was determined to compile the perfect wardrobe.

I started off thinking I would try to create the perfect ‘capsule wardrobe’ but soon realised I would never be a capsule kind of girl. How can a camel coat suffice in a situation where you need a black one?

So I set out to have the sort of functional wardrobe that could provide anything I needed to look chic for any occasion without the peripheral pieces I would either wear once or not at all.

It was going to be elegant. Stylish… French.

Over the last few years I shopped a lot in pursuit of this aim. I browsed websites for bargains at all times of day on the lookout for a navy cashmere jumper or a man’s watch.

Deliveries would arrive almost every morning (I know) and I would rush down the stairs, grab my parcel and attack it with the excitement and precision of a tiger (I know).

Holidays became excuses to shop in different countries, evenings out just opportunities to try new outfits and combinations.

I went through a lot of items before establishing which ones were worth having and which were not, which were good quality and which I had to give to charity a year after buying them (despite sometimes being by very famous brands).

I could probably tell you what is worth buying before you fork out £250 of your hard earned money on it, simply because I’ve been there, and I’ve probably already bought it.

I learned a lot about where to buy, what to buy and how much you really need to buy to look pitch perfect. It turns out it’s not as much as we think.

I started to figure out what worked on me and what didn’t, what was comfortable and what wasn’t and gradually started to get rid of all the other stuff clogging up my wardrobe (generally on eBay).

I’m getting close to having everything I want or need and dressing has become surprisingly easy. I have very much found my own style and wanted to share what I’ve learnt along the way with you in case it could be at all useful.

I thought I might include some other handy hints along the way, like how to make the most of limited wardrobe space and where to get the best bargains – paying full price for anything that will go on sale. Ever. Is ludicrous.



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