Going shopping?

Here are a few handy hints to help you make decisions you won’t regret!

  1. Always go into a shop knowing which specific items you want and don’t get distracted by anything else. You probably had those items in mind because you actually needed them.
  2. Appreciate that some things are beautiful works of art but are simply not meant to be worn by a normal human being living a normal life, no matter how exciting they look in the shop.
  3. Sometimes you have to admit that certain pieces will never suit you. I will never be able to wear pencil skirts. Ever.
  4. And others are simply impractical. When will you ever wear those leather hotpants in public? Even if your legs can pull them off, you’ll probably never feel comfortable stepping out of the house in them.  Or maybe you will, once. In ten years.
  5. Any new item you buy should make you look better than you already do. It shouldn’t be a relief to put your own clothes back on in the changing room. If it is, hand everything back to the shop assistant on your way out.
  6. Don’t be afraid to buy things that work for you in several different colours. I find it so hard to find comfortable shoes that when I find a style that works I tend to snap it up in all the colours I can find. This does not include garish colours that won’t match anything I own.
  7. Don’t leave clutching 14 things just because you weren’t sure which ones to buy so you bought them all. Chances are if nothing’s standing out to you, none of it is worth buying.
  8. Have a ‘lusting after’ list and save up for the things you really want that are not yet attainable – like pieces of jewellery, classic watches or luxury handbags. It’ll be so rewarding when you finally get it. Much more so than blowing your money on lots of little things you don’t need.

Happy shopping!


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