The Everyman Cinemas

Hampstead Everyman

The Everyman is something of a north London institution. It combines the comfort of seeing a film in your own home with the full cinema experience.

Decked out with sofas, armchairs and in the case of the Belsize Park one full lazyboy armchairs, you can kick back, order a cappuccino or a vodka cranberry (depending on your mood) and relax.

The Hampstead Everyman (which is the original and in my view cosiest of all the Everymans) has comfy armchairs and sofas to cuddle up on and table service so you can have your snacks brought directly to you.

A selection of snacks at the Everyman, including Chocolate Popcorn

Maida Vale is very much the same except that there is no table service (which irritates me). They both do fresh pizzas as well which is always a hit with my boyfriend. But they’re a tad on the small side.

The Belsize Park cinema is all leather armchairs and lazyboys at the back. They too have table service, and they have popcorn. Which I’m afraid Hampstead does not. The Belsize cinema doesn’t just have popcorn, it has regular popcorn and chocolate popcorn.

Screen on the Green is the edgiest of the cinemas probably to suit its Upper Street clientele. It has a bar in the back of the actual screening room!

While Baker Street is smaller than the others and from what I hear slightly less of an event.

The Everymans often show more unusual art house and foreign films, and even do screenings of recorded operas and ballets. They also have mother and baby screenings which I can only imagine are rather chaotic.

Some of them even do groovy things like serving Cosmopolitans when they showed the Sex and the City movies or Martinis for Skyfall, so you can really get in the mood.

They also have preview screenings and talks with actors and directors (which tend to sell out VERY quickly so you have to be on the mailing list to get tickets fast enough). I’ve been to Q&As with people like Gary Oldman, Elizabeth Olsen and Marion Cotillard.

Elizabeth Olsen Q&A at the Hampstead Everyman

You can become a member which gives you small discounts on food and drink or if you get the mega £500 a year membership you get unlimited tickets for each screening and use of the premium seats – which normally mean you can put your feet up in a private little booth or on a lazyboy.

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy your tickets here

These cinemas are the best. If a film I want to see isn’t on at an Everyman, I wait for the DVD.


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