The Perfect Pair of Jeans

James Jeans Twiggy Royale

Over the years I have purchased, worn and attempted to squeeze into many a pair of jeans. I’ve tried a million different brands including 7 For All Mankind (I wore through 3 pairs), Citizens of Humanity, True Religion (I got tired of having horseshoes on my ass), Paige Premium Denim (too binding, sitting was tricky) just to name a few.

7 For All Mankind were my jeans of choice for years, they were comfortable and flattering but wore through quite quickly and I would soon have to purchase a new pair, which was irritating as they weren’t exactly giving them away.

After losing weight, then gaining weight, then losing weight again I was on the hunt for a pair of jeans that would still fit if I gained or lost a few pounds, as I do this routinely. I suspect most women do.

My mother and sister swore by Topshop jeans so for the first time in my life (I know can you believe?), I bought a pair of Leigh skinny jeans in red from Topshop. I thought I would attempt the ‘red trouser trend’ with a slightly cheaper pair than usual in case it was a catastrophe.

But they were amazing. Flattering, comfortable, just skinny enough without digging in at the waist and giving me the dreaded muffin top. They were sewn up at the bottom to appear rolled up which looked great with moccasins in the summer, and I lived in them for a while.

James Jeans Twiggy Karma

I then went on to buy another pair in a light blue/grey colour. This pair wasn’t quite as successful. Despite buying the exact same style in the same size these ones seemed to be much tighter. So much so that I couldn’t really get them on (despite their stretchiness). Even onto my legs. Just pulling the jeans up my calves was a battle, let alone trying to get them off. I would have to sit down and my boyfriend would have to tug at the ankle.

James Jeans Twiggy in Vanilla

At around the same time I noticed that my beloved red Leigh jeans were becoming a bit too loose and were constantly falling down. I was now paying for that comfort around the waistline. They wouldn’t stay up. Everytime I stood up I would have to pull them up. Despite this, I still wear them. They really are excellent value for money and are very flattering, as long as I make sure they haven’t fallen down to reveal a builder’s crack.

Topshop had, to some extent, restored my faith in the trusty high street’s denim offering. So when I was in All Saints during a half price sale and saw some very lovely looking jeans I decided to buy a few. Big mistake. HUGE. I walked out with some jeans in grey and a washed out acid blue.

I had some shorts from All Saints in the acid wash and loved them but these jeans were a disaster. They were SO low rise that I just couldn’t sit down in them at all. If I tried to sit down I would be showing my whole ass. How could this be? How could these sufficiently be called trousers? Surely, the main thing trousers are supposed to cover up are the parts you don’t want people to see? Like your ass!

I decided I was too old to be messing around with low rise anything and managed to return them. ALL. This was no mean feat either as All Saints won’t take anything back! Luckily, having been among the dregs of the sale, they had marks on them so they had to accept them as faulty. Although they did so reluctantly. But I had learned a valuable lesson. Never EVER buy low rise again. I am not a teenager. And accidentally flashing my arse to the world is simply unacceptable.

James Jeans Twiggy in Slate

So the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans continued. I knew they had to be at least medium rise, flattering and tight on the legs but not too tight on the waist and durable so they wouldn’t wear through like the Sevens (because I wear my jeans Every. Single. Day.)

James Jeans Twiggy Black Cat

Then there they were. Calling to me from a page on The Outnet. The James Jeans Twiggy skinny jean. They were perfect, a little bit tight to start off with but you could break them in with relative ease. They were just stretchy enough to be comfortable at all times without getting loose and falling down. And they looked amazing!

So fantastic were these jeans, so perfect and beautiful and comfortable that I now have about 8 pairs of them. I have them in classic denim, blue, black (which I accidentally gave a blue tinge after washing them with my colours – epic fail), slate grey and cream (because I simply couldn’t get away with bright white – I don’t have the body nor do I live in California).

James Jeans Twiggy in Peppermint

A pair of peppermint Twiggys sealed the deal for my love affair with James Jeans. Not only are they a very funky colour indeed, but they’re soft. Soft and smooth. They’re like a denim/trouser hybrid and they are perfect.

They are incredibly comfortable and warm, don’t lose their shape and are a bit less binding than the other Twiggys I have (Twiggys come in many a variation so make sure you’re getting the kind you want).

I bought another pair immediately in a royal blue colour to wear instead of normal jeans. This didn’t quite work as denim obviously goes with everything and royal blue does not. But it didn’t matter, whenever I put them on I was in heaven. And my ass looked great!

Where to buy them

Now if you’ve gathered anything about my mode of shopping it’s that I never buy anything full price and my precious James Jeans are no exception. Full price they’ll set you back £150 or more. So this wasn’t really an option. How many pairs could I realistically get for that sort of price? One… two maximum.

James Jeans Twiggy mid rise in blue

So my first two pairs came from The Outnet for around £50 each. Yes £50. But they often have a bit of a random selection.

My next pair, the Twiggy Karma, were acquired, on sale for £50 again, from the online store They’re amazing and make me look about three sizes smaller than I am (they’re a particular favourite of Rachel Bilson).

The following pair came from the fashion flash sales website Cocosa. These were a little disappointing because they were the cream colour I had been on the lookout for, but they didn’t have real pockets at the front. I mean they had fake stitched up pockets.

Now that’s obviously not functional at all, and I don’t think they’re as flattering as the pocketed ones so if you are buying some make sure they have four or five pockets! Real pockets. It definitely makes your hips and thighs look better – it takes a bit of attention away from them for one thing.

The peppermint and royal blue miracles were from (of all places), as were my slate grey ones (which come up a little big but are still incredibly flattering). I waited until the grey and peppermint ones were on sale but paid the full shebang for the royal blue ones. And I don’t regret it for a second.

If you’re a bit curvier with hips and an ass these jeans are made for you and if you’re quite straight up and down then I assume all jeans are made for you.

Best bargain buy: Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans

Best jeans overall: James Jeans Twiggy mid rise Legging (with 5 pockets)


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