Perfect Pyjamas

Hush Vintage Rose Pyjamas

The weather is changing. Winter is finally upon us here in London, after it seemed like it might not come at all this year. But it’s here and the central heating has come on, as have the UGG boots and the winter coats. But the one thing I really relish in winter is being able to cosy up in bed in my favourite pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a kindle.

Hush Nightsky Pyjamas

I’m a firm believer in a good pair of pyjamas. I’m not one of those girls who can happily sleep in a pair of old leggings and a t-shirt. I love pyjamas. Especially in winter when a soft pair of fleecy pyjamas can be so warm and comforting.

I have about six pairs altogether for both winter and summer (all of which were bought on sale). The patterns on them vary from starry, to polka dots, to flowers, to pinstripes (I love these and have a couple of them). The more masculine and oversized the better.

I tend to buy mine online from a website called Hush. They do the most adorable range of patterns and colours, and their winter collection, which is 100% cotton, feels very soft and warm.

Each pair comes in its own little matching bag and is packaged beautifully. Hush change their patterns all the time but have a few classics which are clearly very popular.

They occasionally have a sale in their warehouse in Battersea, which is worth a look to pick up a few bargains, and generally have half price sales at the end of every season. This is when I tend to stock up – I like pyjamas but I don’t like paying £50 for them.

Another must for cold winter nights is a pair of cashmere socks. I absolutely can’t sleep without mine as my feet feel like little blocks of ice (just ask my boyfriend!). I have a pair of grey and white striped ones, which go all the way up to my knee – they are from The White Company but Hush does them as well. Just don’t put them in the washing machine. They’ll come out looking like doll sized socks. I learned that the hard way.

Hush Navy Summer Stripe Pyjamas

I also think every woman should have a pair of silk pyjamas in her pyjama drawer. Everyone should experience the deliciousness of sleeping in silk (when it’s not too cold). You never overheat in it, and the feeling of the silk against your skin is smooth and gorgeous. So silk shorts are a dream for balmy summer nights.

I have a black pair of tuxedo-esque silk pyjamas from John Lewis, which I picked up for £70 a couple of years ago. That seems like a bargain now as I can’t find any for less than £89 these days. So I’ll probably be waiting a while to get them in champagne… I knew I should have bought two at the time!

You can check out Hush’s pyjamas here.

Happy dozing…


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