Chemical Free Essentials – Shampoo

IMG_7769Which shampoos will leave your hair feeling soft, clean and full of volume without the chemicals?

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Going Chemical Free

chemicalsHave you ever looked closely at what was in your shampoo? Or your face wash? Your face cream? Toothpaste?

Well I hadn’t. And I was shocked the first time I realised that the products I was using on my skin everyday were full of chemicals, some of which could be harmful to my health.

How could it be that multimillionpound corporations were using chemicals in their products when they weren’t sure of the possible health ramifications?

Why were they not using their vast resources to research chemical free alternatives?

I had been using Estee Lauder products for years. My mother has used them for a lifetime and my sister and I just sort of followed suit.

I always liked the products, they felt lovely on my skin but in winter my skin would get very dry and no matter how many of their creams I bought for ‘very dry skin’ they didn’t really help. Nor did they help when my skin became problematic and broke out in spots and blemishes.

After reading an interview with an actress who swore she wouldn’t use anything with any parabens or SLS in it (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) I decided to see what was in my creams.

And I wasn’t happy.

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My Dr Hauschka Daily Routine

IMG_8179 When I decided to switch to natural personal care products  – I attempted to start off as naturally as I could by using completely pure things like grapeseed oil (apparently Emma Stone swears by it) and olive oil as face moisturisers. But this resulted in my skin feeling parched and like sandpaper. It somehow managed to be dry and oily all at the same time!

So I decided to try a brand that uses all natural products but had spent the last 40 years dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to combine them so that their products actually work! Dr Hauschka was my answer.

I’m now a HUGE fan of their products. They’re amazing.  They’re great for sensitive skin, have something for pretty much every condition and are completely chemical free. Here’s what I use everyday to keep my skin happy and in tip-top shape. Continue reading