My Dr Hauschka Daily Routine

IMG_8179 When I decided to switch to natural personal care products  – I attempted to start off as naturally as I could by using completely pure things like grapeseed oil (apparently Emma Stone swears by it) and olive oil as face moisturisers. But this resulted in my skin feeling parched and like sandpaper. It somehow managed to be dry and oily all at the same time!

So I decided to try a brand that uses all natural products but had spent the last 40 years dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to combine them so that their products actually work! Dr Hauschka was my answer.

I’m now a HUGE fan of their products. They’re amazing.  They’re great for sensitive skin, have something for pretty much every condition and are completely chemical free. Here’s what I use everyday to keep my skin happy and in tip-top shape. IMG_8165lemon bathhauschka muslin Step 1: When I’m feeling particularly diligent in the morning I start by soaking a large Dr Hauschka muslin in hot water, I dab a little Dr Hauschka Lemon Bath on it before putting the muslin on my face and breathing it in for about 10 seconds. This is genuinely therapeutic and well worth the effort. When you can be bothered you reap the benefits – the lemon scent wakes you up and makes you feel ready for the day ahead. The hot cloth also opens up all your pores to help the cleansing cream clean deeply into your skin. If you have a large(ish) bowl (or a very clean bathroom sink) you could mix your warm water and lemon bath together in it and simply wash your face from that instead. It’s probably easier to soak the muslin in a bowl or sink full of warm water than it is trying to muck around under the hot water tap. Especially because the muslin’s huge.


Step 2: I put about an inch of Dr Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream on my hands, rub them together with a bit of water and then use the ‘press and roll’ motion to put it on my face. This is the motion Dr Hauschka recommends using to apply pretty much all of their products. You get used to it after a while and it doesn’t take that long. If you stick to it, it prevents the spreading of bacteria on your skin and really allows the skin to absorb the cream. IMG_8157 I then rinse all the cleansing cream off my face with warm water and use the muslin again, this time soaked in cold water, to close the pores. A cold splash of water would do a similar thing.



Step 3: Toner. I never used to see the point of toner, but I am utterly converted. Hauschka’s Facial Toner (which is for normal skin) smells amazing and fresh and is absorbed very quickly into the skin. Any leftover can be patted in gently using the famous press and roll motion. It’s a nice pick me up to spray on during the day or if you’re travelling as well. Sometimes, if my skin is a bit redder than usual or I’ve had a bit of a breakout, I steal a bit of my boyfriend’s Clarifying Toner instead of my usual one – it’s excellent for calming the skin, reducing redness and helping to refine large pores. eye cream Step 4: Eye Cream I dab a couple of small drops of Dr Hauschka Daily Revitalising Eye Cream under and gently around each eye with my ring finger. It absorbs almost immediately and is light and refreshing.


Step 5: Face Cream Now this is where it gets interesting. I have tried almost all of Hauschka’s facecreams and lots of different combinations. At the moment I’m using Moisturising Day Cream which is probably my favourite. Particularly if you’re going to put make up on over it. It absorbs immediately leaving your skin soft and hydrated but with no oily residue. If the weather is particularly cold or windy as it has been in London recently I put a bit of Normalising Day Oil on after it. I use about half a pump, rub it between my hands, then put it on my skin using the press and roll motion and dab away any excess oil with a tissue. It only takes a couple of seconds but I think my skin really appreciates it when the weather is particularly unfriendly. Normalising Day Oil is particularly good for regulating your skin’s oil production (oily or dry) and helps to control the size of your pores. Other options:

rose day cream

Rose Day Cream – this is a lovely rich cream which smells delicious but I find it a bit too oily in summer and only use it in winter when my skin is dryer. I also tend to use it on the weekend or when I won’t be putting make up over it straight away. But it really does work magic on the skin, it even seems to help scarring and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Light Rose Day Cream – This is my favourite of the Rose creams. It’s got the lovely scent and nurturing quality of the classic Rose Day Cream, but is much less oily and thick. I can use this one everyday and often do so. quince cream Quince Day Cream – This is a lovely run of the mill daycream. It keeps your skin balanced and happy. It also works well under make up. Moisturising Day Cream – This is my favourite. I buy it in bulk. It’s the best, most lovely smelling, easily absorbed, perfect under make up daycream I’ve ever tried. Ever. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Toned Day Cream – has some colour in it and gives your skin a healthy golden tint. It works for all skin colours but I find this cream a bit thick and oily and a bit dark actually. I much prefer the Bronze Concentrate to get a gentle golden brown complexion.


Bronze concentrate – I use this by mixing it with my Moisturising Day Cream, I rub my hands together to make sure the colour is properly mixed and that it isn’t too dark, then rub it gently onto my face. It’s gives you a beautiful golden skin colour and looks completely natural. I can’t tell you the number of times people have asked where I went on holiday or commented on how lovely my tan was when I was wearing it. After this my skin is ready for the day ahead and stays pretty much immaculate all day. I use a lot of Dr Hauschka make up as well but will devote an entire post all of its own to Hauschka’s makeup.



Evening Routine In the evening I repeat the first four steps using Cleansing Milk instead of the Cream if I have make up on and using Lavender Bath instead of Lemon Bath. This is lovely and calming, and you can really breathe deeply into the muslin and enjoy the scent. I always find I feel calm after using it and ready to sleep (as long as I don’t succumb to internet surfing on the ipad). After spraying some toner I’m all finished and ready for bed. Hauschka doesn’t advocate using face creams at night as your skin needs to rejuvenate itself while you sleep and can’t do so with lots of creams on it. When I first switched to Hauschka products from Estee Lauder, Lancome and Chanel products I used their Rhythmic Night Conditioner every night (a couple of glass capsules of liquid) instead of toner, to acclimatize my skin to not having a rich night cream because if you’re used to using one, your skin can feel very dry when you start going to bed without it. rhythmic night conditioner Rhythmic Night Conditioner is very expensive but not to be used all the time. I used it for about a month when I first switched over and haven’t needed it since. It’s also good to use during stressful or transitional periods, while travelling or to aid your skin’s defences against seasonal change. Hauschka products can be on the expensive side but they really are worth the investment. You only need to use a very little bit of them every day so they last for quite a long time. Since using them I haven’t needed a single deep cleansing facial! You can find the full range of their products at and the majority of them (with 20% off and free delivery!) at So what are you waiting for? Happy Hauschka-ing! You won’t regret it.


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