Chemical Free Essentials – Handwash & Shower Gel


Looking for some chemical free hand washes and shower gels to stock your bathroom cupboard with?

Here are a few of my particular favourites.


avalon wash 6

It can be difficult to find a chemical free shower gel which leaves your skin feeling soft and clean and is a nice experience to use. Often SLS free products don’t lather at all which can be a bit off putting in the shower. It’s just not as much fun is it?

My favourite shower gel (and handwash) is by Avalon Organics. Their products include botanical extracts and organic essential oils which are good for sensitive skin but leave you feeling clean and fresh. I often use their Lemon scented wash in the morning to wake me up, but am a fan of the Rosemary and Lavender scents as well.

Their products contain at least 70% organic content, are free from synthetic fragrances, Phthalates, harsh sulphates and Parabens.

avalon handwash

I’m also a big fan of JASON products.

Their rosewater hand soap in particular is amazing, as are their body washes.



They don’t have any Parabens, SLS, SLES or Phthalates.

Nor do they have synthetic colours, fragrances or other harmful chemicals.

They also smell divine and last for ages.

In the UK you can buy JASON products here and here and Avalon Organics products here and here.


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