Chemical Free Essentials – Eye Make Up Remover

Eye Make Up Remover: Coconut Oil

coconut oil 5When you decide not to use chemicals on your skin or hair –  the idea of slathering a chemical laden solution onto your eyes every evening to remove your eye make up just seems plain silly.

There doesn’t seem to be a chemical free eye make up remover on the market. Or not one that’s at all obvious anyway.

Even my beloved Dr Hauschka doesn’t seem to do a specific eye make up remover.

The Cleansing Milk removes all the make up on my skin but my eyes need a little something extra to do the job.

So I thought of using a pure natural oil. The Grapeseed oil container said not to allow in your eyes so (after a few days of using it!) I thought I would try Coconut oil.

I already had a big tub of it in the vanity cupboard in my bathroom because I occasionally put it in my hair overnight as a deep conditioning treatment.

Coconut oil is solid at a certain temperature but as soon as it makes contact with your fingers it will melt so you can just gently rub it on your eyelid and underneath your eye. Do try to avoid getting much in your eyes. It shouldn’t be harmful but doesn’t seem like a good either nonetheless.

Then simply wipe with a cotton pad or rinse it off when you wash your face with your usual cleanser. The make up should come off easily and gently with the oil.

I use Hauschka’s Cleansing milk afterwards to make sure I haven’t left any coconut oil on. Although it’s very nourishing and good for your skin anyway so it shouldn’t matter.

I would buy the purest extra virgin organic coconut oil you can find like this one from Amazon. That way you can use it internally (e.g. eat it or use it for cooking) or externally without worrying!


2 thoughts on “Chemical Free Essentials – Eye Make Up Remover

  1. I have been using coconut oil also for eye make up remover with great results! I also have read that it helps with acne scars. Great post!

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