Chemical Free Essentials – Skincare

Right, here’s the lowdown on my favourite chemical free skincare products.

Hand cream, foot cream, face cream, sunscreen, cleanser, sanitizer. You name it, if your skin needs it, it’s here!

Cleanser: Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream

Hauschka products can always be relied on for chemical free goodness.

IMG_8738This Cleansing Cream is supposed to be pressed gently into the skin with a rolling motion, not scrubbed on, and leaves your skin noticeably cleaner.



It’s good to follow it up with Facial Toner or Clarifying Toner, depending on your skin type.

Face cream: Dr Hauschka Moisturising Day Cream (or any Dr Hauschka face cream)


The Moisturising Day Cream is perfect for everyday use for pretty much everyone. It’s light and quickly absorbed so can be put on directly under make up, and leaves your skin beautifully soft all day. My boyfriend even uses it as it’s so light, non-greasy and easy to use.

For the full lowdown on all of Dr Hauschka’s day creams and the differences between them have a look at ‘My Dr Hauschka Daily Routine.

Body Moisturisers: Dr Hauschka


For general everyday use I love Hauschka’s Lavender Sandalwood moisturiser. It smells like heaven, is light, very easily absorbed and keeps my skin soft and supple.IMG_8698

Sometimes in winter my skin is so dry from the cold that even Lavender Sandalwood doesn’t do any good. So I have to call in the big guns and go for Hauschka’s much richer Almond Body Moisturiser, which really works.

I only have to use it once on my dry legs and they’re back to normal pretty much immediately.

It smells sweet and almond-y, a bit like marzipan, and is slightly oilier than the Lavender one because it’s much richer. But that’s a price I’m more than willing to pay for soft happy hydrated skin in winter.

Hand Cream: Aveda Hand Relief / Dr Hauschka Handcream



These are my two favourite hand creams. They are both very rich and thick, so they’re particularly good for dry skin and work a treat in winter!

I think the Aveda one is slightly better value for money at £18 for 125ml compared with Hauschka’s £13 for 50ml. It also lasts a lot longer. But they’re both lovely.

Foot Cream: Aveda Foot Relief


This is definitely my favourite foot cream. It smells lovely and pepperminty and is as rich as its hand related counterpart.

I often smother it all over my feet, then put on these special little socks (I think I got them free from Aveda) and leave them on overnight. When I wake up my feet are so soft I have to be careful not to slip in the shower!


Sunscreen & Aftersun: La Roche Posay

 This lovely brand does luxurious easy to use suncreams. No oiliness or strange fake tan smell here.
I have a small portable high factor one for my face which is more like a liquid than a cream, it absorbs very easily and isn’t greasy.
I love the spray bottle for my body, it’s SO much easier than using traditional creams.

And the Aftersun is cooling and lovely on sunburned skin.  Ideally you should never need it though, if you use the other two.

But sunburn predicaments happen to the best (and most well intentioned) of us…
No parabens. No perfume. Fewer chemical filters.
Hand Sanitizer: Intelligent Nutrients Organic Hand Sanitizer

Now if it’s not already sort of obvious that I’m a bit of a hygiene and personal product fanatic, I am.

So when I realised that the little hand wipes and bottles of hand gel I carried around to disinfect and clean my hands before eating or when travelling were themselves little bottles of harmful chemicals – I was a little confused.

These were supposed to get rid of all the nasties on my hands? And they did. But they were also putting some other nasties on there that were being absorbed into my skin that I didn’t need thank you very much.

So I threw out my usual Boots hand wipes and hand gel and picked up a bottle of Intelligent Nutrients Organic Hand Sanitizer from Naturismo (A natural and organic beauty products website that always has free delivery and often sells products for less than the RRP).

This sanitizer kills 99.5% of germs without overdoing it with chemicals.

The ingredients which include peppermint and vanilla essential oils are food-grade and certified organic. It’ll leave your hands feeling soft, clean and fresh without a sticky residue and with no nasty chemicals on them.

So there you have it! Lots of chemical free suggestions to keep your skin happy, clean and well taken care of.

I hope you like them as much as I do if you decide to give them a try! And if you’d like any suggestions for other chemical free skincare products that I may have left out here, just ask.

You can buy the Dr Hauschka products here and here, the Aveda products here and the hand sanitizer here.

It can be tricky to find La Roche Posay, I tend to grab it when I see it in a pharmacy in Paris, or if I happen to see it in a pharmacy in London. Lloyds Pharmacy tends to stock it as does John Bell & Croydon.

Here is a list of all UK stockists.

Wherever you end up finding it, stay on the lookout as it’s well worth the wait!


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