Chemical Free Essentials – Deodorant

Finding an aluminium free deodorant that actually works is tricky enough, but finding one without other nasty chemicals in it is almost impossible.

I have tried a huge variety of less chemical laden deodorants and a major problem with a lot of them is that they simply don’t work. At all. I mean you’ll actually stink all day.

Tisserand was a particular low point, as was the Tom’s of Maine calendula deodorant. Tom’s unscented aluminium free deodorant worked better for a while but then I realised that it had Propylene Glycol in it  – which all my reading has told me to avoid. And it doesn’t work perfectly anyway.

IMG_8729Jason deodorants on the other hand do seem to be free from Propylene Glycol as well as being free from aluminium, parabens and phthalates.

I like to use the Jason Aloe Vera deodorant stick because of its chemical free goodness. It doesn’t always work that brilliantly for me but it probably works about as well as the Tom’s one.

IMG_1560My trusty Dr Hauschka makes two deodorants –  a floral scented one and a simpler fresh scented one. My sister absolutely swears by them and says the ‘Fresh’ one works brilliantly for her. They are of course beautifully chemical free and trustworthy, so if they work for you, your battle is over.

haushcka deodorant largeFor me however it’s a completely different story. They don’t work. In any way. And when I put them on they leave me feeling distinctly soggy under the arms for rather longer than is practical.

The one chemical free deodorant that my sister claims vehemently does absolutely nothing for her is ‘the crystal’.

The deodorant crystal has such a bad reputation that I had it sitting in my cupboard as one of my ‘chemical free deodorants to try’ for about a year before actually trying it out. But then I did. And it actually seemed to work ok for me. On days when I wasn’t terribly active anyway.


It’s simply a crystal made of ammonium alum and aloe vera that forms a protective barrier against odour causing bacteria.

Obviously none of the chemical free deodorants are anti-perspirants because they don’t have any chemicals in them to prevent sweating.

You may have to try quite a few to see which one works for you but it is definitely worth doing. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect one.

The truth is that no aluminium free deodorant (let alone one free from other chemicals too) works as well as a classic aluminium heavy one.

Hopefully one day I’ll find one that will actually do the job – and when I do I’ll let you know!

But until then I’ll be using the Jason Aloe Vera deodorant and hoping for the best.


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