I’m Lusting After… The Loewe Amazona

loewe mink big

Loewe Amazona in Mink made from refined calf – £1295

AMAZONA BAG BLACK made from suede/classic calf- £ 1295

Loewe Amazona in Black made from suede/classic calf – £1295

If you’re thinking of investing in a luxury leather handbag and you’re not sure which one to go for, you really can’t go wrong with the Loewe Amazona.

Named after the strong woman it was designed for, the Amazona epitomises the new found liberty of the Spanish female in post Franco Spain. This bag is a symbol of equality and independence and should really be bought by a woman, for herself.

Dropping a grand or in some cases nearer two or even three for a handbag (ahem, thank you Chanel) is a serious business. You need to make sure that what you buy is fantastic quality. That it’s classic, elegant and will never go out of fashion. Ever.

Your choice of bag has to be worth the dough you’re handing over for it and I think this bag really is.

The classic Chanel flap bag now sells for a cool £2700 brand new and sometimes even more vintage. Why you’d pay more for an old used bag is beyond me, but people do.

On top of the extortionate price tag people seem to be carrying a 2.55, or a variation of it, wherever you go. Not only does this make it seem like it’s nothing special, it genuinely makes you wonder whether they’re giving them away… Which is pretty irritating if you’ve just spent £3000.

black amazona 2 amazona 2So sometimes it’s worth going back to to basics. Back to quality workmanship, handcrafted bags and classic designs. This is where iconic Spanish brand Loewe excels.

They do their fair share of brightly coloured slightly strange bags as well but the 35 year old ‘Amazona’ is their classic sophisticated day bag and you won’t see it on just anybody.

There’s a feeling of being ‘in the know’ when it comes to Loewe, not everyone has grasped just how special their bags are yet. Not in the UK or the USA anyway. In Spain it’s a different story.

beige amazona 28

AMAZONA 28 BAG GOLD/BROWN made from suede/classic calf – £1095

Each ‘Amazona’ has hallmark features on it which include corner patches, the Loewe anagram and a padlock and key.

It comes in two sizes – the large one is 36cm in length and the smaller one is 28cm.

It takes 10-12 hours to make each bag from the softest smoothest leather. Loewe works with lots of different types of leather – refined calf, cowhide, suede and goatskin. Some are very durable while others are buttery soft but more likely to wear down over time or become stained with use.

Choose your leather according to how often you’ll be using the bag and what you’re likely to be wearing with it.

If you buy a beautiful soft leather bag in mink then wear it with jeans all the time, chances are your precious bag will end up with a very irritating blue stain where it has rubbed against your jeans. And once this happens there’s really no way to reverse it. I speak from experience. It’s very upsetting.

The large Amazona costs £1295 while the Amazona 28 is £1095 – which is really quite a bargain if you compare it to other major designer handbags.

Well maybe not a bargain, but it’s certainly getting closer to reasonable.

Have a look at Loewe‘s selection of beautifully made handbags here.


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