Beautiful Functional Things for the Bathroom



It’s that time of year again!

The time for Spring Cleaning (even though it doesn’t really feel like Spring in London at the moment).

Here are a few of my favourite things to help you organise your bathroom, keep all the products in it looking neat, clean and beautiful and generally to make your life easier!

Zara Home Wicker Baskets



I love these. And Zara Home generally – it’s great value especially when you compare the prices to those of other similar shops.

I have these baskets in my bathroom and in some of my cupboards to store things. They make everything look neat and beautiful and prevent clutter.

The basket with faces creams and cleansers in it has a removable lining so I can simply take it out and wash it if any of the products leak. Very useful indeed.

Cotton bud/pad Holders



I never really knew where to keep cotton buds for easy access without them looking a bit messy until I found these holders. They’re simple but look very neat.

I bought them from the website Secret Sales. These particular ones seem to be by a French company called  Boutique du Rangement but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something similar in a big department store or online.

Scents & Scented candles


Gardenia Air Freshener Sticks Zara Home

I’m a big fan of candles and diffusers. Particularly for the bathroom. Diffusers in particular give a lovely general background scent to the room.

My favourite scents are Gardenia and White Jasmine by Zara Home, both of which are quite sweet and fresh. The White Company does lovely ones as well, Mustique is particularly nice, but they’re a bit pricier.


NEOM Organic Candle

Candles look very pretty when laid out nicely and invoke a sense of calm and relaxation.


Sign8ture White Jasmine EI8HT Candle

EI8HT Candles are lovely, I personally like their Sign8ture White Jasmine one but they do lots of other scents including Passion8, Invigor8, Relax8ion and Flirt8ious. I’m not sure about all the 8s but their candles smell very nice indeed.

The organic treatment candles by NEOM are also great and bring a little bit of luxury into your bathroom. With scents like Harmonise (which is made of pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus), and Serenity (vanilla and sandalwood) you’ll have no excuse not to unwind.

They also do scents with more of a kick like Invigorate (grapefruit, bergamot and lime) but my personal favourite is Restore (jasmine, ginger and sandalwood) which is perfect for a relaxing bath.

I bought mine from ACHICA as they occasionally pop up on there at a reduced price, but you can buy them directly from EI8HT or NEOM Organics as well.

Whichever one you choose – you’re in for a treat.

The White Company’s Towelling Robe


I love this robe so much that I have two of them. I don’t like my shower robe to have a hood (why?) or long sleeves (I like my arms to be free) or any velour (it kind of sticks to wet skin).

I want it to be as much like a short simple towel as possible – but in dressing gown form. If that makes sense… and this one is!

It’s also 100% cotton. It doesn’t fall off when you tie it (like a towel), isn’t inappropriately big or small (like a towel), and you can put all your creams on and do your hair while still comfortably wearing it.

I heat my robe on the towel rail during my shower and when I put it on afterwards it’s like walking into a big warm hug.  Once you try one, you’ll never go back to a regular towel.

Aveda Hair Towel


These little hair towels really are the way forward. We’ve all struggled to wrap small, big and medium sized towels over our freshly washed wet hair for years and no matter how we try the towel either doesn’t stay on our heads and falls off. Or stays on our heads but is so heavy that by the time we take it off we have a sore neck.

This magic hair towel is simple but works perfectly every time.

You put the larger end over the back of your head, wrap your hair in the slimmer end then simply loop it back over your head and through the little elastic band at the bottom. It keeps it in place and stays there until you want to take it off. Perfect.

I got mine free from Aveda when I was ordering some shampoo, I don’t think they have them anymore but you should definitely be able to find something similar online.

Happy bathing!


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