I’m Lusting After… A Céline Pochette


I first saw this pouch on a very stylish friend of mine. After she bought it I never saw her carrying anything else.

It’s not at all the sort of thing I would normally go for, it just seemed really small and I couldn’t believe she could fit everything she needed in it, but she insisted she could.

After a while I started to think it was rather beautiful – very understated, minimalist and elegant.

IMG_2473It comes in a range of different colours so you can use it to add a pop of colour to an outfit or buy it in a more conservative colour combination so it goes with everything. I think the tan and black one is pretty much perfect as you can wear it with just about anything!

It looks particularly great with heels, slim black trousers, a tweed Sandro blazer and a chunky watch or cuff. But it’s just as chic with jeans, a t-shirt and high-tops.

This is a slightly unusual ‘Lusting After’ post as it has a very happy ending. After wanting and praying and hoping for this pouch for really quite a long time, my mum bought me one!

IMG_1197 - Version 2She got it for my birthday while we were in Paris this year and now I, like my friend, haven’t stopped using it since. It turns out it really is very useful, does fit everything you need and makes you look very stylish all at the same time.

It was 320€ in Paris which means it’s probably about £280 in the UK, although the price differences aren’t always exactly what they should be.

Either way that’s the least you can get away with spending in a Céline store while still walking out with something.

And my God it was worth it.


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