Beautiful Functional Things for the Bedroom


Following on from last week’s article about functional things for the bathroom – this week’s post from the March Spring Cleaning series is all about the bedroom.

Check out everything you need to keep your room cosy and relaxing instead of cluttered and stressful.

Clarendon Quilt and Cushion Covers from The White Company



When I first saw this silk bedspread and its matching cushions on sale on The White Company’s website, they reminded me of the kind of luxurious cushions Grace Kelly reclined on while polishing her huge diamond ring in High Society.


So I bought them all. Immediately. And they look incredibly grand – even on my IKEA bed.

Wicker Storage Baskets


Zara Home Storage Basket

I love storage baskets. I have them in the bathroom, the bedroom and on the shelves in some of my cupboards to organise things and make them easier to access. They make everything look neat and beautiful and prevent clutter.

Zara Home is one of my favourite places to buy them as it has lots to choose from and is great value – especially when you compare the prices with those of other similar stores.


I bought this basket from the Compactor Storage Solutions sale on Secret Sales. It seems to be by a French company called Rangement & Cie which can be found here.

Some of their products are also available on Amazon.

I use it to store any laundry that needs to be dry cleaned or hand washed. It just isn’t practical to throw everything in together. Accidents happen that way and you end up with a tiny cashmere jumper or a ruined silk blouse.

Drawer Dividers


I bought these drawer dividers from Secret Sales as well. They are also by Rangement & Cie.


Inside the drawer

When I bought them I thought they’d be pretty awesome but they’re amazing. They have literally transformed the insides of my drawers and cupboards.




Inside the cupboard

No more clutter, no more reaching right to the back of the cupboard to grab the cream you want, no more rummaging through drawers to find the right lipstick.

They’re perfection. Really. They’re much more fun than they should be.

You can even store them on top of each other inside the cupboard doubling the amount of space you have to play with. It’s really very exciting.

I’m happy to accept that I may be a tad geeky on this particular point.

Really Useful Boxes

These boxes are called Really Useful Boxes for a reason. They are just that. I have quite a few in my wardrobe to protect and organise things.


The small blue one above has tights (or pantyhose) in it and the bigger one holds scarves.


I use this box to store gloves and hats – normally when I’m not using them that regularly. It keeps them safe and sound until the following winter.


My love affair with Really Useful Boxes actually began with these very little boxes.

I always wondered what people did with the spare buttons that come with new items of clothing, like blazers or coats. I could never find the one I needed when I lost a button or it broke, so I decided to buy one of these little boxes to store them in and have now filled up two boxes!

 But I always know where they are if I need them.

I bought mine from Ryman but you can also buy them directly from the source here.

Interlocking Shoe Organiser 


I’m a big believer in being able to see everything you own all at once. Or at least without too much trouble. Otherwise you completely forget you even own a certain pair of shoes or a particular blouse.

It can be tricky to find space to build these shoe racks. You can put them along the bottom of your wardrobe but a dedicated cupboard space is ideal.

The little compartments keep all your shoes neat and organised and stop them getting dusty or crushed by other shoes.

The interlocking ones are particularly good because you can build them specifically to fit the space you have and design them so some cubes are bigger than others if you want to store boots or handbags.

I bought mine at Costco, but you can buy them on Amazon as well.

Artisanti Resting Buddha


I know this is more beautiful than functional, but this bronze Buddha looks so dozy and content that he adds to the peaceful feeling of the room.

I bought mine on the luxury members website Achica as they quite often have them on sale, but you can buy them here all year round.



Richmond Ottoman from The White Company

Ottomans are the perfect multifunctional piece of furniture.

They look elegant and understated in your bedroom. You can sit on them comfortably so you don’t need to buy an armchair (which saves valuable space and money) and you can store all your clean sheets and cushions in them. Perfect!

The only thing is that this particular ottoman costs between £800 and £900. So this one is still on the wish list and probably will be for a while. Unless I can find a cheaper one in the meantime.

Happy dozing…



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