Beautiful Functional Things for the Living Room and Study

IMG_0774This week’s final instalment of Beautiful Functional Things from the March Spring Cleaning Series focuses on the Living Room and Study.

Here are a few of the funky things I have at home to keep everything neat and organised but make it all a bit prettier at the same time.

Storage Boxes with a Twist

Zara Home Storage Boxes

I fell in love with these when I saw them. Storage boxes aren’t generally that attractive so you don’t really want them on display (unless you want your living room to look like a stationer).

But these boxes genuinely look like antique books and are a beautiful addition wherever you choose to put them.

They are lined so whatever you put in them is nice and protected and they hold a significant amount of stuff.

So instead of having bits of paper, receipts and other bits and bobs on every surface I just store them in these boxes.

Heaven Sends Playing Card Wooden Storage Boxes

Heaven Sends Playing Card Wooden Storage Boxes


The beautifully lined inside of a Heaven Sends Storage Box


Heaven Sends Playing Card Wooden Storage Boxes

These playing card versions look just as sweet. They’re big wooden boxes that are also lined and come in three different sizes.

The Ace box is very big so I use it to store all my remote controls (between the television, the DVD player, the Blu-Ray Player and the Sky box I have a lot of them) and a couple of DVDs.

I basically use them to store anything that doesn’t have another obvious place to live. And they’re amazing. For people who can’t cope with clutter anyway.

The fact that the storage is secret just makes them even more exciting.

I bought the antique book boxes from Zara Home and the Heaven Sends Playing Card boxes from Achica.

Achica always has lots of fantastic storage related items to peruse even though they may not currently have these particular boxes.

You can check out Zara Home‘s collection of boxes here.

Other Heaven Sends products seem to be available on Amazon, at Debenhams, at Mollie & Fred and at The Fabulous Gift Store.

IKEA EXPEDIT Shelving Unit


IKEA Expedit Shelving Unit

I don’t know what I would do without this bookcase. It’s so perfectly functional. It holds all my magazines, folders, books, DVD and CD cases and pretty much anything else I want to throw on it.

It gives the room some life as well and allows me to display some of my favourite things.

And it’s only £140!

It is even home to my SONY photoframe which sits proudly in the centre of it as it flicks through all of my photographs.

You can find the full range of Expedit furniture on IKEA’s website here.

A Reasonably Attractive Pen Holder


John Lewis Pen Holder

This is kind of an obvious one but it really is useful to have all your pens, pencils, rulers, scissors etc sitting neatly somewhere where you can get to them easily. Hence the Pen Holder.

I bought mine from John Lewis but you can probably find one in any stationer.

It’s nice if it’s a bit pretty in itself, particularly if your study/desk is part of your sitting room. You want to be able to keep your desk as neat and clean as possible when you’re not using it and you really don’t want pens and pencils strewn all over it.

That’s just stressful and you can never find the thing you need when you need it.

So yes, a pen holder it is.

A Paper Sorter


IMG_9017The paper sorter serves a similar purpose to its pen related counterpart. It sits on my desk and instead of having papers, notepads, to do lists, an iPad, USB keys and cables for my iPhone and cameras all over my desk I just file them away in the plastic drawers.

The paper sorter has more of a classic stationery look to it than my other storage solutions but it’s actually very subtle. The fact that it’s transparent means you barely notice it on the desk so it doesn’t feel like it’s cluttering up your space at all.

In fact it’s scooping up all the clutter from your desk and holding it in an orderly fashion for when you need it. Ideal.

I bought mine from Ryman but you seem to be able to buy it a bit cheaper from Homebase.

Artisanti Sitting Buddha

IMG_8186This is the last time I throw an Artisanti buddha at you I promise, but I have this meditating buddha in my sitting room and his peaceful demeanour gives the room a nice calm feeling.

He’s also pretty to look at.

You can buy Artisanti buddhas directly from Artisanti here and sometimes from Achica.

That’s all for now folks.

Go forth and organise.


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