Have you been to Dinner?

My boyfriend and I recently went to Dinner by Heston for our anniversary.

As big Heston Blumenthal fans it seemed like the perfect way to experience his weird and wonderful combinations without The Fat Duck‘s price tag.

The food was AMAZING and the service IMMACULATE. The whole thing was pretty PERFECT really.

So I thought I’d share the experience with you lovely people.

Apologies for the slightly shady pictures, they were taken stealthily on an iPhone. You can’t really take a Canon SLR out during dinner.

It’s just not the done thing.



Earl Grey Tea Cured Salmon, Lemon salad, gentleman’s relish, wood sorrel & smoked roe

As a fan of Heston’s Lapsang Souchong infused smoked salmon for Waitrose I decided to have another kind of tea flavoured salmon.

They gave it to me with a lemon relish as their original one had wheat or gluten in it.

It was absolutely delicious, very light and refreshing. The combination of flavours and textures went together beautifully.


Salamugundy – Chicken oysters, salsify, marrow bone & horseradish cream

I think my boyfriend went for the Salamugundy simply to see whether it lived up to its name. It’s a tad more adventurous than I would be, but he liked it.



Fillet of Aberdeen Angus Beef, Mushroom ketchup & triple cooked chips


Very juicy, tender beef fillet

I’m a very bad orderer. I always order the wrong thing and end up begging a poor unassuming member of my dining party to swap with me. Usually my boyfriend. Or my mum. Quite understandably no one else will do it.

So in this instance I decided to keep it simple.

For my main course I just decided to go for what I felt like and that was the fillet of beef with triple cooked chips and mushroom ketchup.

Maybe I should have been more adventurous while at Chez Blumenthal, but I thought he would do an excellent job of a classic as well. And he did.

It was perfectly cooked with a delicious combination of flavours.


Triple Cooked Chips

The mushroom ketchup was pretty good too. A tad weird, but good weird.


Beef Royal (c.1720) – 72 hours Slow Cooked Short Rib of Angus, Smoked Anchovy and Onion Puree, Ox Tongue

My boyfriend liked his beef but spent most of the main course looking enviously at my food.

He didn’t get any triple cooked chips, or mushroom ketchup. And finished really fast. Those carrots did not a meal make.

Apparently it was yummy, the puree was lovely and smooth and the flavours went together beautifully. He just wanted more of it.



Amazing Chocolate Bar Dessert (the exact name of which I’ve forgotten) with Ginger Ice Cream

This really was the pièce de résistance of the evening.

Not only was this one of THE best desserts I’ve ever had anywhere, they actually adapted it and made it especially for me so that it was gluten free.

You see it originally had a biscuity base, with some tangy orange jelly on top of it (what’s the word for smart jelly, coulis?), and dark chocolate ganache on top of that, which was all covered in gooey dark chocolate deliciousness.

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, this pudding really is a treat.

It came with ginger ice cream on some crunchy crackly chocolate pieces.

So instead of giving me the gluten biscuit base they gave me the chocolate pieces as the base. And IT. WAS. HEAVEN.

They were incredibly helpful with the gluten free saga throughout the whole dinner which was so liberating.

They made things from scratch for me where it was necessary to do so and the waitress was incredibly clued up and friendly and happy to chat about the whole menu.

IMG_2579I’m sorry to say I think I kinda won on the pudding front as well.

My poor boyfriend watched as I ordered everything he wanted then felt obliged to order something different so our meals weren’t identical.

Which he regretted pretty much every time.


Tipsy Cake with Spit roast pineapple

He went for the Tipsy Cake, as a classic it came highly recommended by the waitress. It was like a soft brioche cake with a Sauterne (sweet dessert wine) flavour and caramelised pineapple.

He said it was soft and sweet and lovely but being a bit of a chocolate fiend was still a bit distracted by the chocolate explosion that was going on on my plate.


Making Ice Cream at the table 

A lot of people went for the home made ice-cream which was quite an experience because the waiter would come to your table and make the weird and wonderful flavours for you there and then.

All this steam would come out of the top when they did it. It was groovy. Like a mad yummy science experiment going on at your table.

Coffee & Petit Fours


Chocolate Ganache


Chocolate Ganache with Biscuit

Just when we thought we couldn’t take any more food they brought us little chocolate ganache pots (my gluten friendly boyfriend had a little biscuit with his) which were too good to pass up.


Rose Tea

When it came to tea and coffee I had many more exciting options to choose from than my usual mint or camomile teas.

So I went for Rose Tea which was lovely and refreshing. It’s such an excellent idea that I couldn’t believe I’d never had it anywhere before. It was pretty to look at too.

IMG_4313They also brought us a little home made raspberry sorbet on more of the chocolate crackly things which was sweet and fresh but by that point we really were full so we didn’t manage much of it.

We left very full and very happy.

You can make a reservation on Dinner by Heston‘s website or on toptable. You normally have to book a little in advance.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the neighbourhood.


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