Some of my Favourite Spring Jackets

IMG_9247The weather has been absolutely beautiful in London this week. The sun is shining and all those heavy layers have finally been discarded and banished to the loft.

So it’s time for a whole new set of wardrobe staples to get some use!

Here are a few of my favourite (and most commonly used) spring coats and jackets.

Trench Coats


Aquascutum Trench Coat in Stone


A trench coat is obviously present in any self respecting wardrobe. I find they’re particularly good for Spring and those unpredictable April showers.

No matter how glorious it is when you leave the house, London weather means you always have to have a backup with you in case you go into the office amidst blinding sunshine and leave in the pouring rain.

Trenches are light, comfortable and waterproof, so if the weather is changeable you really can’t go wrong with one.


Aquascutum Raincoat with hood in Navy

I actually have a navy Aquascutum one with a hood that I can pack up and put in my bag just in case I need it. It weighs nothing and looks very chic.

My favourite trenches are by Burberry and Aquascutum.

I know a few people who are quite snobby about their trench being from Burberry and Burberry only, but an Aquascutum one is just as nice.

I mean they invented the trench coat, what else do they have to do to be taken seriously?

Their coats are also more reasonably priced and are often available for less on flash sales websites (like Cocosa), so you can buy them cheaper and maybe even in a variety of colours!

You can find Burberry trenches at Bicester Village as well, but they’re still not cheap.

I have trenches in stone, red, navy and black. Don’t judge me. I just love a good trench.

My Aquascutum ones are a bit less starchy and stiff than my Burberry ones which can be a little rigid and don’t allow you that much freedom of movement with your arms, so I prefer the Aquascutum ones for comfort.

I also prefer Aquascutum‘s tartan to Burberry‘s, which has been somewhat tainted. Other than that their trench coats are pretty much identical.

Leather Jackets


Gerard Darel Biker Jacket in Tan


Beautifully soft Muubaa Leather Jacket

Spring is the perfect time of year to get your leather jackets out.

They’re not warm so I like to wear them when it’s not too cold outside. Mine are also quite snug and form fitting and frankly just don’t fit over a big bulky jumper.

I wear my black ones in winter a bit when it isn’t bitingly cold, but my more colourful ones only come out with the sun.

My favourite brands for leather jackets are Gerard Darel and Muubaa.

Rick Owens also makes beautiful leather jackets, but you can either buy a car or one of his jackets. So I stick to the ones I can actually afford.

You can often pick up a Gerard Darel biker jacket at a fraction of its usual price at an outlet store like Bicester Village. I managed to get mine from Bicester on sale. So you really can get them cheaper if you want to.

Muubaa‘s jackets are buttery soft and the smell of the leather is almost intoxicating. They’re edgy and chic at the same time.

I got mine from Cocosa, but they are also available on Asos and directly from the source.

Smart Spring Coats


Coat by Gerard Darel

The warmer weather gives me an opportunity to wear my lighter coats as well like this navy one by Gerard Darel. It’s not warm enough to wear in winter but is perfect and elegant in the Spring.



Ladies Barbour

In terms of comfier practical jackets for running around, I really like my red ladies Barbour. It’s very light and comfortable with secure pockets and adds a pop of colour to any outfit.

gala floral jacket by goldie

Topshop Gala Floral Jacket by Goldie

I also really like the floral and jacquard patterns that are around this season and have my eye on this floral blazer by Topshop, it’s just so pretty and summery and would be perfect with jeans in the sunshine.

Enjoy the spring weather!


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