Healthier, Happier (and mostly) Gluten Free Fast Food

Just because you want to stay healthy it doesn’t mean you don’t feel like a burger, fries or some fish and chips once in a while. I know I certainly do.

Here are some of my favourite places to get some delicious, healthy and sometimes even gluten free fast food!



Leon Burger and Baked Fries


As you know I’m a big fan of Leon.

Their food is clean and yummy and their new(ish) burgers have really taken them to the next level.


Leon’s Halloumi Burger

They come in 100% spelt buns and you can choose from Chorizo, Meatball or Halloumi versions.

Spelt is easier to digest and is generally a healthier grain than your usual durum wheat. I can’t quite tolerate classic wheat buns but spelt is just fine which means I can partake in these delicious burgers! (They are not suitable for you if you’re completely gluten or wheat free – they’re the only thing in this article that isn’t! Sorry.)

My personal favourite is the halloumi burger which comes with roasted red peppers, fresh rocket, slices of pickle, garlic yoghurt and Leon‘s home made tomato sauce.


Leon’s Baked Fries

These baked fries really are fantastic. They’re as good as the deep fried version, in fact they could even be yummier… They’re crispy and potatoey and delicious and come with a choice of chilli sauce, garlic mayo or the classic ketchup.


Leon’s Lemonade

You also get a free drink with your burger and fries – just not one filled with high fructose corn syrup and additives. Pretty awesome really.

Check out Leon‘s selection of healthy fast food here.

Honest Burgers


Honest Burgers’ chicken burger with a gluten free bun

Now this one’s suitable for everyone!

Considering how many people can’t/don’t eat wheat or gluten it’s amazing how difficult it still is to get a gluten free burger in this city.

I’m happy to make one at home and buy a spelt bun for it but sometimes I just want to go out for a burger and fries.

Honest Burgers lets me do just that (if I can get a table without waiting for an hour). My advice would be to go at a completely random time like 4pm so you don’t have to wait.

Their wheat free bun comes with a ‘W’ on it, which is a tiny bit confusing but comforting as you know it’s definitely different to the other bun and there can’t be any confusion in the kitchen!


Honest Burgers’ classic burger with a regular bun

These are more classic decadent burgers than the Leon ones but it’s SO great to be able to get a normal chicken or beef burger in a gluten free bun for the first time in YEARS! The veggie one looked pretty tempting too.

The bun comes as close to a classic white bun as a gluten free bun can get, although it’s obviously a bit more crumbly.

The fries are scrumptious and the lemonade really is worth ordering. It’s sweet and bubbly and perfect.

Leon‘s lemonade is a bit healthier tasting – as in it’s more bitter. It tastes more like lemons. Lemons without sugar.


Honest Burgers’ Lemonade

You can find Honest Burgers in Soho now as well as Brixton, making it super convenient and easy to get to.


Quite a few places are now doing gluten free pasta dishes. About time really. All they have to do is buy gluten free pasta and heat that up instead of normal wheat pasta. It’s not rocket science.

My favourite place for gluten free pasta dishes is Stingray Cafe. Their pasta is so delicious you won’t believe it’s gluten free. In most places you have to wait a little longer for gluten free pasta and the selection of sauces you can have with it is limited but at Stingray you can have pretty much any sauce you like and you won’t have to wait 20 minutes for it.


Stingray’s Penne del Greco with feta, olives, basil and pesto

They normally have one or two yummy gluten free puddings as well – the ones I’ve had are a delicious warm chocolate cake and even a cheesecake!

There are three Stingray Cafes in London, one in Tufnell Park, one in Highbury and one near the Globe Theatre.

They’re definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area!

Places like Carluccios, ASK Italian and Prezzo are now also doing gluten free pasta which is really convenient.

I like Carluccios‘ pasta slightly more than the others but I think that’s just a general preference for their dishes as I find them a bit tastier.

Oliver’s Fish & Chips


Oliver’s Gluten Free Battered Fish

I used to love fish and chips. I didn’t have it all the time, indulging in deep fried fish and deep fried potatoes all the time doesn’t seem like such a good idea but sometimes you definitely feel like going for it.

I’d been meaning to try a place called The Mermaid’s Tail in Leicester Square as they also do gluten free batter but had never got round to it.


So I was very excited when I discovered Olivers as they were nearby and even offer home delivery.


Oliver’s gluten free fish and chips with mushy peas

After so long without fish and chips I ordered everything –  the mushy peas, chips, tartare sauce. The whole shebang. And ordered regular batter for everyone else.


Mushy peas

It was really delicious and the gluten free batter was reassuringly lighter than the normal batter (as I had been told on the phone it would be).

Oliver’s only does gluten free batter on Wednesdays and it’s really popular so get there early.

Definitely worth a try if you’re in the area or they might even deliver to you!

Check out their website here.

That’s all for now! I have an entire post about gluten free pizza coming up next week so watch this space.

Happy gluten free scoffing!


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