Great Gluten Free Pizza

IMG_4194Pizza is probably the wheat laden treat I missed the most when I stopped being able to eat wheat flour.

Who doesn’t love a pizza once in a while?

I know I certainly do.

The longing deep in my soul for dough covered in melted cheese, tomato and a variety of other delicious toppings was becoming too much to bear until…

I found these delicious gluten free pizzas.

Stingray Cafe

When I discovered Stingray I hadn’t had a decent pizza in about 6 years.


It was such a happy moment when I took my first bite and it was delicious, warm, gooey, soft and tasty. Just how a pizza should be.

Gluten free pizza bases are generally awful. They taste a bit like cardboard – chewy, tough and flavourless. Horrible. That’s when you can get hold of one at all.


A Stingray Gluten Free Pizza

Thankfully Stingray Cafe can make gluten free versions of almost all their pizzas using a thin crust base the chef makes himself. So I can have whatever I want. I’m not banished to one tiny section of the menu.

As you can probably see I have a bit of a thing for a Hawaiian with black olives and no ham. Don’t judge me it just brings me real joy.

Being able to get a yummy Hawaiian has been a revelation so I drag my boyfriend to Stingray about once a month. He obviously doesn’t mind as the food is fresh, yummy and VERY cheap.

See I can be a cheap date. Sometimes.

Other Gluten Free Pizzas

I took it upon myself to find the best gluten free pizzas out there and made it my mission to try as many of them as possible. The small fact of my expanding waistline and impending heart condition obviously meant I couldn’t manage them all though.

I am yet to try the new gluten free offerings from Pizza Hut, Ask Italian or Prezzo but am very happy to see they now do them. It’ll make life a whole lot easier when I’m eating out.

Here are some of the ones I have tried.

Pizza Express


Pizza Express’ Gluten Free Margherita

I didn’t think the Pizza Express one was very good. The base was very chewy and quite tough and not really that much of a pleasure to eat. My teeth felt sore afterwards – put it that way.

The overwhelming flavour was of the bland base rather than the toppings. So I probably won’t be repeating that experiment.

Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza


I was kind of ecstatic when my boyfriend discovered that Domino‘s now deliver gluten free pizzas. Stingray‘s pizzas are definitely the best of the gluten free bunch but you don’t always want to go out for your pizza, sometimes you just want to order in, sit in your track pants and watch a film.

I got so excited that I ordered two! (In the name of research of course).

The Domino’s ones were much yummier than the Pizza Express one but they were so salty I literally couldn’t stop drinking water for days afterwards. So despite their tastiness I’ve decided to give them a miss in future.

But if you’re a Domino’s fan who can no longer eat wheat/gluten, their gluten free pizza definitely satisfies a Saturday night greasy pizza craving.


Domino’s Gluten Free Margherita


The Bread Shop’s Spelt Pizza


Spelt Pizza from The Bread Shop (this photo doesn’t do it justice)

The spelt mini pizza from The Bread Shop is probably the one that tastes most like the normal pizzas I remember from when I could eat wheat.

It’s made of spelt flour so the base is soft and just chewy enough. Exactly the right texture.

Obviously this is not suitable for you if you’re completely gluten free but is delicious if you can tolerate some spelt.

They do a cheese and tomato one and a pepperoni one – both of which are delicious.

Other pizza places worth trying are Otto in Notting Hill and Hell Pizza which is in Clapham and Shepherd’s Bush.

Otto do Cornmeal Crust pizzas with weird and wonderful toppings for people who can tolerate some wheat flour, but they also do completely gluten free pizzas. They’re deep pan and delicious and quite different to your average gluten free pizza. I thought they were somewhere in between a quiche and a pizza.

I’ve never been to Hell Pizza but it was one of the first places in London to offer gluten free pizza and I’ve heard good things about it. It’s definitely on my list of places to check out when I’m in the neighbourhood.

Hope that’s helpful for any of you London dwelling wheat free pizza lovers out there.

Happy scoffing.


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