aboutpageBeautiful functional perfection is basically what I aim for everyday. It is my life philosophy.

I like everything to be aesthetically pleasing but functional at the same time.

What use is a beautiful pair of heels if they make you look (and feel) like you’re walking on stilts?

Or of a delicious chocolate cake if you’re not getting any nutritional value from it and won’t fit into your jeans the next day?

Why have a winter coat that is terribly elegant but not warm and cosy? Where can you find art that is beautiful and also affordable?

I am always on the look out for all things beautiful and functional, and on the rare occasion that I actually find both together I feel like I have uncovered gold dust.

A chemical free face wash that works I hear you say? After exhaustive searching I have found things that I love and that genuinely work and would like to share them with you.

This blog is essentially a collection of what I consider the best of everything – from leather jackets to recipes and websites and beauty products that tick all the boxes.

I have even included some photographs of my own as I sometimes find taking a beautiful photograph and framing it is a much cheaper way of decorating your home than buying a painting.

All of the opinions here are my own personal opinions. I have learned by trial and error and I hope that you find something useful, interesting or new out of the years of (often accidental) research I have done, and most of all that you find it entertaining and enjoy reading it.

If you do you can sign up to receive email notifications every time I publish a new post – which I normally do about once a month.

I suppose there’s nothing left to say except…

Happy browsing!


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