Sumptuous Scarves

It’s felt like October in London for about 6 months now. Spring just won’t come.

So it’s lucky I’m a big fan of scarves. I have hundreds of them. Well not hundreds, but let’s just say they take up a fairly significant amount of space in my wardrobe. This is no accident. It’s because scarves are magic – they can make or break an otherwise dull or beautiful outfit.

Here are a few of my favourites.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Nails


Nail varnishes are filled with very harsh unwanted chemicals, all of which are absorbed into your nails when you’re wearing them.

But the idea of having colour free nails for the rest of my life was too dull for words.

So I did a little digging and found some brands that don’t use harsh chemicals but still produce beautiful nail polishes and other lotions and potions to keep your nails in mint condition.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Skincare

Right, here’s the lowdown on my favourite chemical free skincare products.

Hand cream, foot cream, face cream, sunscreen, cleanser, sanitizer. You name it, if your skin needs it, it’s here! Continue reading

Chemical Free Essentials – Eye Make Up Remover

Eye Make Up Remover: Coconut Oil

coconut oil 5When you decide not to use chemicals on your skin or hair –  the idea of slathering a chemical laden solution onto your eyes every evening to remove your eye make up just seems plain silly.

There doesn’t seem to be a chemical free eye make up remover on the market. Or not one that’s at all obvious anyway.

Even my beloved Dr Hauschka doesn’t seem to do a specific eye make up remover.

The Cleansing Milk removes all the make up on my skin but my eyes need a little something extra to do the job.

So I thought of using a pure natural oil. The Grapeseed oil container said not to allow in your eyes so (after a few days of using it!) I thought I would try Coconut oil.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Handwash & Shower Gel


Looking for some chemical free hand washes and shower gels to stock your bathroom cupboard with?

Here are a few of my particular favourites.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Lipcare

Ever wondered what you’re putting on your lips everyday?

Well chances are it’s lots of chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your face, let alone your mouth!

Here are my suggestions for chemical free alternatives to your usual lip balm or vaseline.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Shampoo

IMG_7769Which shampoos will leave your hair feeling soft, clean and full of volume without the chemicals?

Find out which Paraben and SLS free shampoos I use all the time to keep my tresses in great shape! Continue reading

My Dr Hauschka Daily Routine

IMG_8179 When I decided to switch to natural personal care products  – I attempted to start off as naturally as I could by using completely pure things like grapeseed oil (apparently Emma Stone swears by it) and olive oil as face moisturisers. But this resulted in my skin feeling parched and like sandpaper. It somehow managed to be dry and oily all at the same time!

So I decided to try a brand that uses all natural products but had spent the last 40 years dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to combine them so that their products actually work! Dr Hauschka was my answer.

I’m now a HUGE fan of their products. They’re amazing.  They’re great for sensitive skin, have something for pretty much every condition and are completely chemical free. Here’s what I use everyday to keep my skin happy and in tip-top shape. Continue reading

Perfect Pyjamas

Hush Vintage Rose Pyjamas

The weather is changing. Winter is finally upon us here in London, after it seemed like it might not come at all this year. But it’s here and the central heating has come on, as have the UGG boots and the winter coats. But the one thing I really relish in winter is being able to cosy up in bed in my favourite pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a kindle.

Hush Nightsky Pyjamas

I’m a firm believer in a good pair of pyjamas. I’m not one of those girls who can happily sleep in a pair of old leggings and a t-shirt. I love pyjamas. Especially in winter when a soft pair of fleecy pyjamas can be so warm and comforting.

I have about six pairs altogether for both winter and summer (all of which were bought on sale). The patterns on them vary from starry, to polka dots, to flowers, to pinstripes (I love these and have a couple of them). The more masculine and oversized the better. Continue reading

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

James Jeans Twiggy Royale

Over the years I have purchased, worn and attempted to squeeze into many a pair of jeans. I’ve tried a million different brands including 7 For All Mankind (I wore through 3 pairs), Citizens of Humanity, True Religion (I got tired of having horseshoes on my ass), Paige Premium Denim (too binding, sitting was tricky) just to name a few.

7 For All Mankind were my jeans of choice for years, they were comfortable and flattering but wore through quite quickly and I would soon have to purchase a new pair, which was irritating as they weren’t exactly giving them away.

After losing weight, then gaining weight, then losing weight again I was on the hunt for a pair of jeans that would still fit if I gained or lost a few pounds, as I do this routinely. I suspect most women do. Continue reading