Make Your Life Better – 14 Resolutions for 2014

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It’s still resolution time (just about) and I actually thought long and hard about what could make my life better in 2014 than it had been in 2013.

Which things were vacuums of my time but yielded no benefits?

Which activities would make me feel happier and calmer every day if I just took a few minutes to do them?

What would help me end 2014 with a happier healthier body and mind?

The following are what I came up with.

My attempts at them so far have proved that (as difficult as they may be to stick to completely) incorporating them into your life in even some small way can be of huge benefit.

I hope you give some of them a try! You won’t be alone if you do.

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It’s All Good. Or is it?


I’m a bit of a health food fan and a bit of a Gwyneth fan, so when she released It’s All Good, I’m a little ashamed to admit that mine was probably one of the first orders Amazon received.

Who am I kidding? I’m a huge fan. Of both the above.

The idea of lots of delicious recipes filled with only healthy ingredients was too much for me to resist.

I already have Gwyneth’s first book Notes From My Kitchen Table which is much more of a normal everyday cookbook and has some truly delicious recipes in it – the peanut butter cookies and cheesy stuffed turkey burgers are particular favourites in my house.

I have to admit that being a bit of a health ‘foodie’ myself – avocado on toast, porridge and egg white omelettes were already part of my repertoire, but I was very excited to attempt some of Gwyneth’s more original, delicious and uncompromisingly healthy recipes.

Here’s how I got on.

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The Food Hospital


This has got to be my favourite cookbook.

It accompanies a Channel 4 television series in the UK where a surgeon, a doctor and a nutritionist prescribe specific eating regimes for different health conditions, often with incredibly successful results.

The programme addresses a variety of medical problems ranging from polycystic ovaries and epilepsy, to rosacea and depression and shows how diet can transform and often completely treat the conditions.

Not only are these recipes healthy and particularly good for certain ailments they are absolutely scrumptious too.

Here are a few of my favourites.

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Chemical Free Essentials – John Masters Organics

John Masters in the house!


That’s right, John Masters Organics makes a range of delicious chemical free organic products that includes shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body milks, hair styling products and lip balm.

If you need it John Masters will make it.

Their products contain 70-100% organic ingredients, their essential oils are steam distilled not extracted using propylene glycol and their plant oils are cold pressed not heat distilled (so they retain their therapeutic properties).

The ingredients are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner and none of their products are tested on animals or contain artificial colours, fragrances, fillers, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, TEAs or GMOs.


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Chemical Free Essentials – Nails


Nail varnishes are filled with very harsh unwanted chemicals, all of which are absorbed into your nails when you’re wearing them.

But the idea of having colour free nails for the rest of my life was too dull for words.

So I did a little digging and found some brands that don’t use harsh chemicals but still produce beautiful nail polishes and other lotions and potions to keep your nails in mint condition.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Deodorant

Finding an aluminium free deodorant that actually works is tricky enough, but finding one without other nasty chemicals in it is almost impossible.

I have tried a huge variety of less chemical laden deodorants and a major problem with a lot of them is that they simply don’t work. At all. I mean you’ll actually stink all day. Continue reading

Chemical Free Essentials – Skincare

Right, here’s the lowdown on my favourite chemical free skincare products.

Hand cream, foot cream, face cream, sunscreen, cleanser, sanitizer. You name it, if your skin needs it, it’s here! Continue reading

Chemical Free Essentials – Eye Make Up Remover

Eye Make Up Remover: Coconut Oil

coconut oil 5When you decide not to use chemicals on your skin or hair –  the idea of slathering a chemical laden solution onto your eyes every evening to remove your eye make up just seems plain silly.

There doesn’t seem to be a chemical free eye make up remover on the market. Or not one that’s at all obvious anyway.

Even my beloved Dr Hauschka doesn’t seem to do a specific eye make up remover.

The Cleansing Milk removes all the make up on my skin but my eyes need a little something extra to do the job.

So I thought of using a pure natural oil. The Grapeseed oil container said not to allow in your eyes so (after a few days of using it!) I thought I would try Coconut oil.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Handwash & Shower Gel


Looking for some chemical free hand washes and shower gels to stock your bathroom cupboard with?

Here are a few of my particular favourites.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Lipcare

Ever wondered what you’re putting on your lips everyday?

Well chances are it’s lots of chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your face, let alone your mouth!

Here are my suggestions for chemical free alternatives to your usual lip balm or vaseline.

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