I’m Lusting After… A Bobbin

Spring finally seems to be making an appearance here in London.

The weather’s been a bit milder recently – we’ve even had a few beautiful sunny days to enjoy.

The kind that make you want to take a long stroll, read magazines while you bask in the sunlight or jump on your bike and set off for a ride.

This is where a Bobbin bicycle comes in handy.


Bike: Bobbin Bramble, Leather Jacket: Muubaa, Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans in Raspberry, Scarf: Sandro Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmasters, Shoes: Women’s Deerskin Soft-T Minnetonka Moccasins

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I’m Lusting After… A Céline Pochette


I first saw this pouch on a very stylish friend of mine. After she bought it I never saw her carrying anything else.

It’s not at all the sort of thing I would normally go for, it just seemed really small and I couldn’t believe she could fit everything she needed in it, but she insisted she could.

After a while I started to think it was rather beautiful – very understated, minimalist and elegant. Continue reading

I’m Lusting After… The Loewe Amazona

loewe mink big

Loewe Amazona in Mink made from refined calf – £1295

AMAZONA BAG BLACK made from suede/classic calf- £ 1295

Loewe Amazona in Black made from suede/classic calf – £1295

If you’re thinking of investing in a luxury leather handbag and you’re not sure which one to go for, you really can’t go wrong with the Loewe Amazona.

Named after the strong woman it was designed for, the Amazona epitomises the new found liberty of the Spanish female in post Franco Spain. This bag is a symbol of equality and independence and should really be bought by a woman, for herself.

Dropping a grand or in some cases nearer two or even three for a handbag (ahem, thank you Chanel) is a serious business. You need to make sure that what you buy is fantastic quality. That it’s classic, elegant and will never go out of fashion. Ever.

Your choice of bag has to be worth the dough you’re handing over for it and I think this bag really is.

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Jack Vettriano Morning News

I absolutely adore this painting. From the moment I first saw it something about it engaged and absorbed me and I wanted to be living in the painting. I think. Or did I want to be the woman in the painting?

A woman who can spend her morning calmly reading the newspaper in a royal blue sundress, hair neatly tied back, white pearls in place while sipping her coffee in the sunshine is a creature of such perfection that she inspires awe and fascination in me.

So elegant, she epitomes Riviera chic. She makes me want to go and buy some white sunglasses just to emulate her, but I have to remind myself that I don’t have the deep tan of the lady in the painting, nor do I have her poise, posture or dreamy lifestyle. So I resisted the urge.

But I’d still like a canvas print of the painting. So I can occasionally look up at it and join her and her perfection in the Riviera.

Ronde Solo de Cartier Watch

This classic watch is definitely on my Christmas list. I have been eyeing it for years. On account of budget related woes I have a Casio instead (that looks just like it) that I wear all the time.

I generally think it’s a good policy to try a cheap version of something to see if you like the style before you spend hundreds, or in this case even thousands, on it.

I actually wear the Casio more than any of my other (more expensive) watches as the white, black and gold combination is so easy to wear and goes with everything.

It’s comfortable, elegant and understated. Everything a watch should be.