A bit about my style

girl_jumper-smallI decided to write about ‘Style’ rather than ‘Fashion’ because fashion is always changing and it can be a thankless task trying to keep up with it.

Style on the other hand is timeless.

Someone who knows how to dress themselves, how to make less seem like more and how to manage it all into an average sized wardrobe has by far the greater skill than someone who is always rushing out to buy whatever they saw in this month’s Vogue.

I was determined to compile the perfect wardrobe. Continue reading


Ronde Solo de Cartier Watch

This classic watch is definitely on my Christmas list. I have been eyeing it for years. On account of budget related woes I have a Casio instead (that looks just like it) that I wear all the time.

I generally think it’s a good policy to try a cheap version of something to see if you like the style before you spend hundreds, or in this case even thousands, on it.

I actually wear the Casio more than any of my other (more expensive) watches as the white, black and gold combination is so easy to wear and goes with everything.

It’s comfortable, elegant and understated. Everything a watch should be.

The Perfect Court Shoe

L.K. Bennett’s Shilo Shoe

“What?” I hear you fashionistas gasp in your Louboutins, “L.K. Bennett?”

Yes. At £170 a pair they look beautiful, are perfectly affordable and work for pretty much every occasion. I have two pairs of this classic patent leather court shoe by the UK high street store, one in black to wear with dark outfits and another in taupe to wear when I have lighter colours on, generally in summer.

I also have a pair of navy court shoes with a thicker heel (the Art shoe) which are even more comfortable so I tend to wear these if I know I’m going to be standing or walking (although I think this exact shoe may have been discontinued).

To complete my collection I have pair of their famous Maddox wedges in black patent leather (these were made famous when the now Duchess of Cambridge wore them the day after her wedding). They’re perfect for summer parties on the lawn or just with jeans or denim shorts to give a summer outfit a bit of a boost. They’re a little more expensive at £175 and never go on sale. Ever. Thanks a lot Kate. Continue reading