Travel Essentials

IMG_9111Going away for the Easter bank holiday weekend?

Or just trying to escape the arctic temperatures we can’t seem to avoid here in London?

Here are a few items you won’t want to leave behind.

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Chemical Free Essentials – Skincare

Right, here’s the lowdown on my favourite chemical free skincare products.

Hand cream, foot cream, face cream, sunscreen, cleanser, sanitizer. You name it, if your skin needs it, it’s here! Continue reading

Chemical Free Essentials – Lipcare

Ever wondered what you’re putting on your lips everyday?

Well chances are it’s lots of chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your face, let alone your mouth!

Here are my suggestions for chemical free alternatives to your usual lip balm or vaseline.

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My Dr Hauschka Daily Routine

IMG_8179 When I decided to switch to natural personal care products  – I attempted to start off as naturally as I could by using completely pure things like grapeseed oil (apparently Emma Stone swears by it) and olive oil as face moisturisers. But this resulted in my skin feeling parched and like sandpaper. It somehow managed to be dry and oily all at the same time!

So I decided to try a brand that uses all natural products but had spent the last 40 years dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to combine them so that their products actually work! Dr Hauschka was my answer.

I’m now a HUGE fan of their products. They’re amazing.  They’re great for sensitive skin, have something for pretty much every condition and are completely chemical free. Here’s what I use everyday to keep my skin happy and in tip-top shape. Continue reading

The Ten Minute Manicure

manicureHaving grubby nails is simply not beautiful, functional or perfect.

It’s faintly revolting actually. People with dirt under their fingernails, or nails that have been chewed halfway up the finger baffle me.

It really is such a simple thing to get right. They just need to be kept clean, neat and quite short. Long talons are equally hideous, particularly if they’re only on a couple of fingers.

I used to trudge off to the cheap Vietnamese nail salon near my house pretty much every week. But gradually I started to realize that despite putting the polish on beautifully, (which I have never quite mastered – particularly on my right hand while using my left), they really weren’t doing anything that I couldn’t do myself. And the polish never lasted longer than a few days before chipping anyway.

They also never paid a blind bit of attention when I said, “Could you possibly not cut too much off the cuticles please?” or “You really don’t need to buff them, my nails are very thin already.” They would simply smile inanely at me and do as they pleased.

So I concluded I would be responsible for keeping my nails clean myself, and would save myself £12 a week. Not a lot I know, but in a year that’s £624. I could go on a short holiday for that, or buy a beautiful piece of furniture, or an amazing handbag. I was convinced. This was a luxury (a not so enjoyable one) that I was willing to surpass.

I went to my local beauty supplies store and picked up everything I needed. I knew what I needed because I had been watching the Vietnamese ladies glumly do my nails for years and had more or less picked up how to do a manicure. Continue reading