The best basics…

I tend to structure my outfits the same way everyday, come rain or shine.

Calvin Klein Vests

I’ll wear a vest or t-shirt, with a cashmere or merino wool jumper over it and then throw on some jeans, leggings or a skirt accordingly.

This makes dressing very easy indeed as long as you have good comfortable basics –  good vests, t-shirts, jumpers, leggings etc. It also means you’re ready for anything because you can shed and add layers very easily.

Topshop Basic Vest

After messing around with women’s ‘tops’ (the kind that have three-quarter length sleeves, are completely skin tight, reveal every possible sweat patch and are unwearable if you’ve had a big lunch) I decided I would stick to the classics – t-shirts and shirts. If it’s good enough for all the men out there, it’s good enough for me.

I went in search of the best ones I could find, so I would have a foundation for every outfit without having to look too far in the mornings. Continue reading